Handyman Services

Handyman ServicesSometimes those little handyman tasks around the house pile up and become too much to handle. When that happens, call on the Handy Husband Contractors and our expert handyman services to fix up your home in Edgewater, Maryland.

We are able to fix nearly everything around your house, condo or apartment, from drywall to deck repair. If you notice your walls have acquired one too many dings from kids rough-housing and playing indoors, we can quickly repair the broken drywall and paint the room to look new. We can also fix, paint or replace broken or missing wood trim around your home, and we can help with any other carpentry services you may need. We can repair drywall in the bathroom and kitchen, as well, and you can count on our close attention to detail with tile replacement.

Our handyman services extend outside your Edgewater, Maryland home as well. If you notice your deck needs some help after years of use, we can repair the deck quickly and efficiently. We can do the same for siding, windows and doors, too. Below is a list of available services, just to name some examples:

No matter the extent of your home repair to-do list, the Handy Husband Contractors team can handle it for you. If you’re ready for your Edgewater, Maryland home to be fixed up, call us today at 410-271-0889.

We’re fully licensed and insured: License MHIC No. 98683, General Liability No. BKS55530330